Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Life, My Story, Your Opinions/Help !

Introduction about me!

My name is Garry. Struggling in life for getting a better job. Photography is my hobby. Whenever I am sad just like to meditate.

Today is October 2nd 2013. 

Yesterday I applied for a job at Sport chek, got a call as well. I was so excited working for them and finally getting a proper job. But I don't know why my fate is not helping me getting a job. I mean I am trying my best to get a job and I am a hard worker. But what ever god does, does it for better. 

So this is my first time writing a blog . Today I was just listening to sad songs, I was depressed about not getting a job. I don't know what came into my mind decided to make a blog or start writing a blog.

The reason for creating this blog is to share my feelings with you ( Blog is a family for me) .  I want someone to have my back. Like when i have tough times I want to hear ," hey everything will be alright". Well its time to go to sleep too tired. So good night and hey! I hope everything is well on your side :) . Good night xoxo